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Indian and Pakistani Midis


Well, I noticed a dearth of sites which offered Indian and Pakistani songs in midi format and thats what inspired me to build this site. Actually, I have only recently started sequencing music and only have a limited number of files, but I'll be adding to the collection frequently. In the meantime you could all put your hands together to pray that I get a phone line installed at my house :)

Well, I will not bore you with unnecessary stuff. Here are a few of the basic facts to remember while listening to my midi files.

1) I do it only as a hobby as I have got lots of free time to spare, feel free to criticize me, but don't make it an obligation :)
2) The playback quality depends solely on your audio hardware - they sound best on the synthesizer they were created on, SB Live is good enough, bearable on Soft-Midi synthesizers available with integrated audio cards.
4) I use Yamaha PSR-640 to play these files. They sound much much much better on that.. If you are really really interested, which I doubt, I could send you the actual playback in mp3 format, feel free to mail me
5) This site is under-construction.
6) I got this site up and running in less than 2 hours, so please do not mind the interface.
7) And last but not the least.. I dedicate this to the wonderful person who has made this life worth living. :) P.S. If you are unable to view toolbar on the left then you need to download Microsoft JavaVirtual Machine.

Yamaha PSR-640 , a dream machine for me :)

Since I perform these Midis myself and it requires some time, I might not be able to upload new midis very frequently. Please be patient.

Please remember that while it takes less than a minute for you to download a midi, it takes me atleast 2 hours to sequence one. So please be patient with updates and check back often.


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What's New?
1st April Actually the whole site is new :)
11th April New Files Added
May 2001 This site is giving me whole lot of problems .. will be moving to another server as soon as I find some time.. in the meantime I've put two new songs on the main page
1st July Well, I never expected my counter would exceed 500 visitor mark, but here it is.. more than 1000 hits.. thank you all for making this site a success and constant appreciation. I was thinking of upgrading this site and would like you guys to suggest a name for it.. so please.. feel free to email me with your suggestion of a name.
14th July Major updates to the overall look of the site - added new components. And got a phone line installed too. :)
16th July Added one more song to the Midi Page.
20th July Added two more songs to the Midi Page. Also a couple of photos to About Me page.
6th January Sorry for the delay in updates guyz but been busy all this time. Anyways.. 1 new song added while "mujhe raat din" fixed

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